My AI Reading List

Audrey Boguchwal

March 27, 2018

4 Minute Read

I can’t read everything - but it is essential to stay on top of a few channels that I find worth my time. I’ve shared my AI reading list with Samasource coworkers and friends alike - here it is for your reading pleasure.

This list came together in February as I was conducting research for our latest go-to-market strategy meeting. The whole company met to review the competitive market, customer needs, and our positioning. I was tasked with getting a better understanding of the broader trends in AI, machine learning, and the activities of the big tech players.


In undertaking this research, I came across several publications that I liked and have continued to read. All of them have email newsletters, which allows me to make good use of my BART commute, skimming the headlines and looking for the latest trends. A few of the publications require a paid subscription, but allow 3 free articles per month. The subscription rates are very reasonable for the high quality of journalism the sources deliver.

On the Tech-ier Side


Their official positioning: AI disruption will open up new vistas for opportunity, which will create new business paradigms and make others extinct.

TechEmergence is the best place for leaders to get jargon-free facts and the strategic insight they need to stay on the winning end of AI’s inevitable disruptions.

Import AI newsletter

Not a publication, but a digest of AI journal articles from Jack Clark of OpenAI.

He reads cutting edge, not-yet-published papers and tells his readers why the research matters. You can join the conversation on Twitter, too.

IEEE Spectrum

Has twelve free, weekly newsletters on topics ranging from AI to energy to semiconductors.

My guilty pleasure? Watching their weekly roundup of videos featuring robots doing silly things! IEEE is also a great source for industry insider thoughts. 

On the News-ier Side


Recode is a tech news, reviews and analysis site, featuring articles from journalists in technology and media. Part of the Vox Media family.

MIT Technology Review

You might have expected to find this journal on the techier list above. In fact, it’s a well-rounded, well thought out review of tech business and issues - much more than bits and bytes.

Tech Crunch

This snackable source is optimized for social media consumption of the latest consumer tech news. Techcrunch recently launched a redesigned website, making it even easier to skim their great content.

Wired Magazine

The original nerd journal that’s stood the test of time, Wired captures the human side of technology. Worth the subscription price.

As mentioned, I started reading these newsletters and article digests to learn more about trends in AI. I kept reading them because these sources truly cover a wide variety of technology and business news.

While I can’t claim that Samasource has gotten specific product inspiration out of my reading list yet, the news has consistently validated projects that we are planning.

Occasionally, I also get tech articles from the New York Times and the Washington Post, which I read for general interest news. Happy reading!

Audrey Boguchwal

Currently a Senior Product Manager at Samasource, Audrey guides cross-functional teams to create thoughtful product solutions. She has guided teams of designers and engineers at HUGE Inc. and NBCUniversal, and monitored user analytics at the Wall Street Journal. With a BA in history from Harvard, an MA in anthropology from Columbia and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill KFBS, Audrey is passionate a using technology and data analytics facilitate social impact and environmental solutions through technology.