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Computer Vision

AI Training Data at Scale

Accelerate your ML pipeline with high-quality training data from Samasource.
Training Data Partner for World Leading AI

Samasource combines industry-leading software with a directly managed workforce to train and validate machine learning models. Our ISO certified facilities are equipped to handle the most secure data, and our training data expertise helps reduce ramp time and increase quality.

Train and Validate Computer Vision

We focus on labeling your data, so you can focus on developing your algorithms. Contact our sales team to discuss a pilot or multi-year project for your AI team.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Expert workflow consultant and configuration

Quality SLA

Unlimited pool of AI Trainers

Minimal lead time from consult to pilot

Full Access to SamaHub Annotation Suite

All work completed in Samasource owned and managed facilities

Interested in learning more? Read more about our platform here:

Working with Vulcan to Train AI for Wildlife Conservation

AI-enabled products come with their share of challenges, including the need for massive amounts of diverse training data. This case study details how Vulcan partnered with Samasource to expedite training ML models, without compromising on quality.


We’re experts in image, video and sensor data annotation and validation for machine learning. We’ve worked with 25% of the Fortune 50 to deliver turnkey, high-quality data training data, including Microsoft, Walmart and Google.

Talk to a Sales Expert

In addition to computer vision projects, Samasource can help you with training data and validation, data enrichment, content moderation, and more. Contact our sales team to discuss your pilot or multi-year project.