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Business Continuity, Health, and Safety During COVID-19

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I’m sure business continuity and the health and safety of your team members and partners are top of mind during these uncertain times. I’m writing to share with you Samasource’s best practices for business continuity, as well as our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the pandemic, we are continuing to deliver the same level of high-quality training data software and solutions to our clients. 

Our priorities are the safety of our employees and clients, and the continuity of our business operations and services to our customers. 

Our SaaS data annotation platform was implemented with a focus on reliability and security. The design of our platform adheres to the industry’s best practices and operates on trusted providers with a highly distributed infrastructure. While we are monitoring the situation closely, we do not anticipate downtime that will impact our ability to exceed our client expectations. We are continuing to operate in Kenya and Uganda with additional safety and sanitation measures in place. For our team members in countries deeply impacted by the pandemic, we are enabling remote work while keeping safety and security at the forefront of our operations. 

We will continue to provide updates as events unfold throughout the regions in which we operate. 

Stay safe, 

Wendy Gonzalez 

Interim CEO