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Employee Development & Wellness Programs

Opportunities at Every Turn

We provide the skills and support needed to excel in today's digital economy, helping our team to gain the confidence needed to thrive.
Since 2008, Samasource has committed itself to providing opportunity for all. Starting with recruiting and onboarding and carrying through to ongoing training and development, Samasource employees enjoy competitive benefits packages that support worker wellness and wellbeing.

Salary and Benefits

All Samasource workers are paid a living wage. On average, workers report a 42% increase in monthly income within their first year at Samasource. Additional benefits include healthcare, paid maternity leave, life skills training and pension contribution.

Incentive Program

Workers earn incentives based on quality, productivity, and attendance. Recognitions like top performer per team and employee of the month are additional incentives for Samasource workers.

Advancement Opportunities

88% of our leadership roles have been filled by internal promotions. Ongoing soft skills training supports employees in developing their desired career path.

Impact Programs

Samasource Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program provides Samasource team members with an opportunity to apply for funding to cover educational costs. Going back to school is a great way to help our team members pursue their career aspirations and fulfill their goals. Our latest winners are studying International Relations, Business Administration, and Systems Administration.

Life and Professional Skills Development

For many of our team members, working at Samasource opens up new financial and social worlds. To aid in skills development we provide education to introduce financial literacy concepts to improve financial security, health and wellness trainings to help workers building healthy lifestyles and manage stress, and mentorship programs to build leaders from within.


The SamaCup is Samasource's biggest annual event which attracts over 3000 guests from across Kenya, Uganda, Europe, and the US. The event is a full day sports session with multiple games for the whole family. It is the one time when all our teams from different countries, working across all shifts are in the same place, at the same time. It's our way of leveling the playing field for all. Not only is it a cultural expression, but an opportunity for the teams to show how proud they are to be part of one organization and brand, despite being from different backgrounds.

GiveWork Challenge

The Give Work Challenge is a social business plan competition for Samasource workers and alumni in East Africa. The program identifies the best business ventures to receive funding and mentorship by Samasource staff, donors, and board members. The goal of the program is to Give Work by growing social business in the region and further the follow-on job opportunities for our community of workers and alumni.

Sustainability at Samasource

For the past decade, we build an incredibly strong foundation and infused impact into everything we do. This year, we're expanding our impact charter to embrace environmental programs. As a first step, we incorporated green building and wellness practices into our facilities. In tandem, we're rolling out a new sustainability strategy, which includes understanding our footprint and purchasing practices.

"Everyday is a good day to change lives."

-Liliosa Muturi, Marketing and Impact Manager, Samasource