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Natural Language Processing

NLP Annotation for Machine Learning

We use human judgement to transform natural language data into valuable training sets for your algorithm.
Enable Human-to-Machine Communication

Samasource works with AI teams to analyze and draw insights from human language. Our directly managed workforce of data annotators use SamaHub, an industry-leading annotation platform, to deliver high-quality training sets for NLP models.

Transform Natural Language Data into Datasets

Examine unstructured data and convert audio to high-quality training datasets for chatbots, speech recognition and more.

Explore the Intent Behind Human Speech

Words alone don’t tell the whole story. Work with Samasource to train your model to interpret the ambiguity of human language.
Natural Language Processing Case Study

SAP, IBM, UCSF, Glassdoor, RetailMeNot and Locus Analytics all had the same problem: they needed an experienced training data provider. Learn how each enterprise partnered with Samasource for their NLP annotation and data enrichment needs.

Talk to a Sales Expert

In addition to NLP, Samasource can help you with training data and validation for computer vision, data enrichment, content moderation and more. Contact our sales team to discuss your pilot or multi-year project.