Unleashing the AI Supply Chain

For the past 10 years, Samasource has been a leader in impact sourcing. Helping people lift themselves out of poverty by giving work that pays a living wage was, and still is, our core mission. When we started, we provided digital services for technology companies. Today, we’ve evolved into a powerhouse training data annotation and validation provider and we firmly believe that training data is the soul of AI - after all, isn’t it training data that gives AI its intelligence?

We have offices on three continents, major operations in East Africa, and we serve 25% of the Fortune 50. Our clients trust us because they’ve experienced our relentless dedication to quality, security, and impact first hand. They choose us because they rely on our experts to help scope, scale, and improve project workflows, not just for annotating boxes.

We updated our brand strategy and refreshed our look and feel to reflect this evolution, and to prepare us for the next ten years. We look forward to continuing to working with our clients, and the AI industry, to drive best practices for training data creation and use -- from technology advancements to ensuring that those workers embedded in the AI Supply Chain are treated with dignity.

Together with our clients, we’ve positively impacted over 50,000 people over the past 10 years. As we like to say, each bounding box drawn, raster mask applied, sensor data fused, and 3D sequence annotated leads to better lives. Cheers to another decade of innovation and impact!

Samasource Brand Ethos

The Samasource mark is derived from the interplay of two primary forms: the circle and parallel lines. The circle symbolizes our ambition to raise humanity to its highest potential, embracing circularity, and our striving for unparalleled excellence, balance, and precision in our work.

The parallel lines represent the core brand essence of “sama”, which means “equal” in Sanskrit. We see our work as an equalizing force that distributes opportunity where talent resides.

Together, these two forms create two halves of one interlocking shape, representing the partnership between human ingenuity and technology.

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