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Our Impact

Impact From the Start

Our business was intentionally designed for measurable poverty reduction.
Samasource started in 2008 as a non-profit with a vision to measurably move people out of poverty through digital work. Since then, we've evolved into a social enterprise that is majority owned by a non-profit. We adopted this hybrid structure to stay true to our core, providing maximum positive impact while ensuring we have the resources needed to scale and meet our client's needs. After all, each bounding box drawn, raster mask applied, sensor data fused, and 3D sequence annotated leads to better lives.

2018 Impact at a glance

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Why Impact Sourcing

Samasource is a pioneer in the field of impact sourcing. By combining our leading technology platform with digital workforce and soft skills training, we help our team members launch long-term careers that enable them to move out of poverty. We believe that connecting people to dignified digital work, and paying living wages, has the potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, from reducing poverty to empowering women and mitigating climate change.

Impact Sourcing

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Impact Scorecards

Download our Impact Scorecards below: