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Our Methodology

Understanding and Measuring Our Impact

It's critical to understand how our programs change lives. We use a robust, third party vetted impact measurement methodology.
Our system of impact measurement is multifaceted and teaches us about every single beneficiary: who they are, how they define their experience working for Samasource, and what impact the experience has had on them and their families.

Understanding Impact

In understanding our progress toward the goal of transforming lives, we rigorously measure, assess, and report how effectively our programs lift the individuals, their families, and their communities out of poverty.

Impact measurement is the compass that determines our organization’s path; there is no other method by which we can prove and thereby improve our model’s efficacy. Importantly, the data we cull from the field on a daily basis doesn’t just “keep us honest” — it also directs us toward deeper, more- sustained impact.

Our proprietary web-based platform enables us to capture robust data on every single worker, at multiple points of their tenure with Samasource, on a systemized and rolling basis. This platform has allowed us to partly automate the process of data collection, providing an efficient, constant stream of insight on our workers and our impact.

Work Vs. Cash

We put a lot of time and energy into measuring our impact. We want to know that we're having a positive impact, and have the data to back it up.

In an effort to do this, we benchmarked our intervention against direct cash transfers to see if someone living in poverty is better off with a job or a one-time payout.

We continue to believe that giving work is the best way to sustainably lift people out of poverty.

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