High Quality Training Data From Start to Scale

Train and validate machine learning use cases without compromising data quality. Learn more about our platform.

Human-in-the-Loop Data Annotation

Our dedicated digital workforce receives customized training and certification as a part of both the recruitment and onboarding process. Tests are customized for specific skill-sets, so the annotation team assigned to your project is equipped to handle complex tasks from day one.

Accuracy, Precision and Quality

25% of the Fortune 50 trust Samasource to deliver to demanding quality SLAs. All data labeling work is completed by a directly managed workforce, inside secure facilities, and our combination of technology and human QA delivers consistent, precise results.

Fair-Trade Training Data at Scale

We work with our clients, and the AI industry, to drive best practices for training data creation and use. As a trusted training data provider and strategic partner of MILA and the Partnership on AI (PAI), we ensure that those workers embedded in the AI Supply Chain are treated with dignity.

Quality is important to Samasource. You really get the sense they are there for more than just the financial transaction. They are a true partner.


Vamsi Madabhushi

Product Manager, Walmart Labs

High-Quality Annotated Data at Scale

For over a decade, hundreds of organizations have relied on Samasource to deliver secure, high-quality training data and model validation for machine learning.